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Auger Rental

Your Source for Affordable Auger Rental!

An auger is a tool with a large helical bit for boring holes in the ground. These are perfect for projects that require lots of post holes! Here at Elk Grove Power Equipment, we offer affordable auger rental to those looking to begin landscape projects! Only with our rental options will you find quality one-man augers, two-man augers, and towable augers! Take a look at our auger rental options below!

We provide auger rental to Elk Grove and many surrounding cities, including Clarksburg, Galt, Herald, Jackson, Lockeford, Lodi, Rancho Cordova, Rio Vista, Wilton, Sacramento, and South Sacramento. Contact Elk Grove Power for your tool and equipment rental needs at (916) 685-4683 or

Trimmer Rental1-Man Auger
Echo EA410 (6" & 10")
4 Hour Rate : N/A
Day Rate: $79.95
Weekly Rate: $395.00
Trimmer Rental2-Man Auger
General 2 man
4 Hour Rate: N/A
Day Rate: $79.95
Weekly Rate: 
Trimmer RentalTow-able Auger
Ground Hog HD99
4 Hour Rate: N/A
Day Rate: $94.95
Weekly Rate: $349.00